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What We Do

“We match people’s passion, goals and talents to the needs of our organization. We pride ourselves in delivering the best care and services to our clients and we hire the best employees to do so. Put simply, we are passionate about people who are passionate about what they do.”

What We Offer

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Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance


Paid Time Off

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Paid Sick Leave

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Retirement Savings

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Ongoing Training

Larissa Rhodes,

Day Program Administrator

Over the past 12 years with PFI my job has evolved from directly helping clients to now helping the staff grow and watching them be inspired and motivated by the work they do  and the progress their clients make!

Raquel Noriega,

Job Coach

I didn't find PFI, PFI found me and gives me meaning. I Love my clients and I love my job

Alex Watson,

Art Assistant

I'm lucky enough to witness the creativity and imagination of our clients in the art studio. I love that I am part of their artistic growth, as well as guiding them through their individualized goals.

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