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Who We Are

A non-profit organization committed to providing quality care for adults with  intellectual disabilities residing in San Diego, CA.

PFI was founded in 1989 by parents who believed quality residential and day program services should be available to all families.

Our Mission

Develop quality individualized day treatment vocational programs & residential services for disabled individuals with severe communication and behavior challenges.

Our Vision

Our treatment programs and advocacy will serve as a model to improve standards and practices throughout San Diego county. 

We are committed to providing a safe, rich environment for each of our clients, while facilitating independent skill development in all areas of daily living

Our treatment goals target independent living, self care, cognitive, social/emotional and communication objectives. We recognize that everyone is different and requires services and programs specially tailored to meet their individual needs

Our goal is to enable and empower each of our clients to obtain the maximum independence possible.  We believe that this Independence begins with self-dignity and awareness of ones own value to those around him/her.

Here at PFI, we specialize in serving individuals who have needs which cannot be effectively met by other existing programs. This includes services to persons who have autism, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and severe behavioral disorders.

What We Do

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Mark H.

I want to draw, to show people what I imagine

Steven S 1.jpg

JoAnn S., Mother

Steven absolutely loves dance class, and I am so glad he has this opportunity... I also want to thank you for having such a wonderfull program, he tells me about the things he does during the day and the people he sees, he loves your staff.


Colin G.

I am able to make it, with friends helping friends

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