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Naughty or Nice! Christmas Party 2018

It's that time of year again, when everyone is on their best behavior because Santa is coming to town! His visit to the annual PFI Christmas party creates quite the buzz amongst the clients who have been celebrating this tradition for years. The party was equally a delight for all of the staff and clients new to Promising Futures as well!

Dapperly clad, a large group of party-goers hit the dance floor. Kenny stepped it up, leading the way with his smooth break-dancing moves and impromtu vocal stylings. To re-energize, everyone feasted on a classic Christmas meal: turkey, stuffing, cranberry, the works! After plenty of festive indulgence, the big man himself showed up! Santa's arrival created a wave of excitement and flurry. Bursts of applause were received as each client was personally called up by Santa to share a few words and collect a holiday gift.

The only thing that competed with Old Saint Nick was the looks on the faces of the clients who were over-joyed to have their family members there at the event. What a great way to show love, appreciation, and togetherness to the whole PFI family at large at the close of the year.

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