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PFI Christmas Party 2019!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Everyone had a blast at the Christmas party this year! Some were excited for the food, others looked forward to the dancing, but most couldn't wait to see the big guy himself, Santa Claus! Santa definitely did not disappoint, delivering amazing gifts and wonderful words of encouragement to make it through another year!

Great presents for some amazing people! Thanks Santa!

Bryan's rad lama sweater!

This shirt is perfect for Steven, he loved it! Thanks Santa!!!


We couldn't have a party without music!

We even rocked around the Christmas tree before lunch! A big thank you to DJ Bryan for providing a great DJ set up, it was a huge hit!

Everyone on the dance floor!

Jody really enjoyed her new hat and all the dancing. Everyone was showing off their great dancing skills that they've been working on every week during dance class.


Christmas is better with friends!

The food was great, the music was fun, and Santa was inspirational,

but the best part about Christmas is our friends!

The after party dance party!


PFI artists showing off their work!

The PFI Art Studio even had a booth showing off all the wonderful art that has been created throughout the past year.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this party possible

and to everyone who works with the clients daily,

you all do so much!

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